Interior Resprayed

So I’ve had a few comments that my engine bay is cleaning than the interior of my car so thought I should sort it out 🙂

Interior Before:

Interior Before Interior Before

Interior After:

Interior After Interior After

Interior After Interior After

Poly windows fitted

Well instead of replacing the broken glass I decided to go for Poly windows!! So they’ve now been fitted thanks to ACW Motorsport Plastics.

New tyres have arrived, wheels come tomorrow and mapping tomorrow/friday and 2 races this weekend!

Wheels and Tyres Stolen :(

Well after a rush to make it to the race we were forced to not enter the race due to issues with the crank sensor and ECU not recognising a signal from it, however I had a call in the morning to say my wheels had been stolen 🙁


Engine Removed

My brother and I removed the engine today as its going away for a little bit of work 🙂 Took a few pics

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Found the problem!!

Well we found the problem with 2nd and 4th gears!! 🙂 So I’ve ordered a replacement already and it should be fitted soon 😀

Broken selector cable

Camber and a few little bits and pieces finished!

So today we got a few things completed, I haven’t really taken any pictures. So took the Lupo to FCM Motorsport to get my tracking and camber setup, I went for 2 degrees of camber on the front and well the rear isn’t adjustable.

Then after getting home I covered the holes in the bulk head, fitted the outlet hose of the catch tank to the air intake, attached the external cut off pull, fitted a door handle on the drivers door and fitted the cameras here’s the view you’re going to get!


Engine fitted and other bits

A few pictures from Saturday, firstly we got the engine in and but the bumper back on, filled the fluids up, fitted the rear ARB and a few other bits and pieces.



Engine rebuild

The head gasket was gone so had the head off, head skimmed, all new gaskets and a bit of a cleanup. I’m not doing any engine work to start off with as I dont have either the time or money at the moment however by the end of this season there will be a few more things done!

I didn’t get any pics of it all back together but we didn’t finish till about 9 and I just wanted to get home lol. But the heads back on, cam belt all on and ready to go back into the car on the weekend.