August Summer Race Day – Round 7

First Race – Red Flagged (twice)

Forecast was for this to be a wet one (at last!) and for once the forecast was right. We had heavy rain for qualifying and I managed 8th overall on the grid and 2nd in class with Adrian Slade in his MG in front. The car didn’t feel as good as it has done in the wet before and it was stepping out all over the place.

For the race the rain started to come down again. I got a lot of wheel spin off the line but managed to hold position and slotted in behind Kevin Bird in his BMW. The other Lupo ended up in the wall at Old Paddock and after several laps under the safety car the race was red flagged to repair the barrier and clear up.

On the restart, again loads of wheel spin but managed to keep position and this time managed to get passed Adrian into quarry as Akers and Scaramanga had an incident sending Akers into the barriers. Again behind Kevin as we cross the start/finish line with the Red Vauxhall Astra of Julian Ellison close behind. Then as we went through Folly the backed slid out and I had a big slide into the field. As I came back onto the track the red flags were out due to the Akers/Scaramanga crash. The race was then delayed till the end of the day at 6:10 🙁

The Race

After a long day of hanging around and not sure if we’ll get a race or not (due to the 6:30pm curfew at Castle Combe) we were eventually called up and told we’d race till a few minutes before the curfew.

Not my best start but I managed to keep position with only Julian Ellison coming flying past in his Astra VXR. I lined up behind Adrian into Quarry and kept tight to him for the next lap and made a move around the outside into Camp and made it stick. Geoff Ryall in his 106 was gaining quickly behind me and passed me and then I had a relatively straight forward race. I could see Adrian and Arthur Marks in the mirror battling which allowed me some space and the race only lasted 7 laps due to the delays. So another class win and a fastest lap giving me 11 points and allowing me to extend my championship lead and class lead 🙂


Overall Championship Points (drop score in brackets)
1. David Rose 73 (64)
2. Tony Dolley 69 (60)
2. Tony Hutchings 60 (60) (second equal on drop scores)
4. Arthur Marks 59 (52)
5. Carl Loader 51 (51)

Class D Points
1. Dave Rose 73 (64)
2. Arthur Marks 59 (52)
3. Chris Morris 42 (42)
4. Russell Poyter-Brown 36 (36)

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