Race Report – Race 5 + 6

Well after a trip to Bill @ Badger5 to sort my issues out (cars running a lot better now!! Thanks Bill!!) we had a double header weekend.

Race 1 Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRbR_7wYYS4

Race 1 Report

So I qualified 26th, 4th in class with a time of 1:24.900 which was a new PB for me! So I was obviously happy with that but I could feel there was definitely more to come from the car. I got blocked a few times whilst trying to put in a hot lap.

Got blocked a little on the start and going into the first corner there was a bit of an incident ahead so everything slowed and I went to put my foot down and as you hear in the video my clutch just span up, so I lost a few places and I was worried that was game over. A lap later Steve Sutton’s 106 went into the wall at Quarry (you’ll see on the vid) and the safety car was soon out. After the safety car went in I got a good restart and managed to overtake Geoff Wade in his Integra and to my surprise over the next few laps I was catching 2nd in Class, Russell Akers in his Astra. And then to even more of a surprise I managed to overtake him around the outside of Quarry :s so I was 2nd in class where I’ve never been before. I slid past Simon James in his Saxo at Tower and it was then a matter of keeping Russell behind me. I had more power however his braking and cornering is much better than mine. I put in a PB of 1:23.982 (another second off!!) whilst being chased. Unfortunately I left too much room whilst being lapped by Adam Prebble and Russell followed him through with only 2 laps to go :( and he managed to pull a bit of a gap whilst we were being lapped by more cars. At the last corner I had a bit of an incident…I didn’t brake enough and went onto the grass and went across the line sideways :s people thought the car was going to roll due to the way it was hopping but I guess I got lucky there. Overall my best race I think, finished 3rd in Class and 21st overall. With a good position to start for Sunday.

Race 2 Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl-mveY8p7U

Race 2 Report
Got a pretty good start this time but the Leon in front didn’t so had to dodge him! However the Integra seemed to make a great start as usual so slipped past. I managed to get down the inside of Kelly Williams in her Fiesta ST going into Tower and I kept chasing the Integra. I struggled to get past him at first and I could see Russell in the Astra disappearing into the distance. Geoff braked a bit early going into Quarry and took to the inside line to defend his position so I quickly moved to the outside but didn’t get a good drive through and we went side by side into the Esses and had a little knock but I managed to make it stick and passed him. Kelly was right behind me for a few laps and I decided to let her through as I knew she was faster and I wasn’t really racing her but to my surprise I managed to stick with her all the way to the end pretty much. I finished 3rd in Class and 18th overall. I got a new PB of 1:23.407 so over the weekend I’d managed to knock about 2 seconds off by PB!! A great weekend and some good racing. Plus 2 more trophies to add to my other :)

Next on my to do list is a LSD, just need to save some pennies but I think it’ll make quite a big difference!