Jubilee Race Day – 4th June 2012

In Car Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KimLbdFG9dE

After a few running issues I’d decided to replace the HT leads and spark plugs however this didn’t cure the issue so I franticly searched for a coilpack and thankfull Tony Hutchings (Audi TT) had one and brought it with him on the morning of the race, thank you Tony!! However it didn’t cure the issue 🙁 I was only running on 2 cylinders when idle, but thought I’d see how qualifying went anyway. I started to get ready and realised I didn’t have my race boots!!! (they were 40 mins drive away) quick call to my Mum 😀 (who lives 20 mins from my house) and she managed to arrive literally just before we went out as there was a “technical” delay.

Had an ok qualifying, it stayed dry and I managed to qualify 28th overall and 5th in class with a time of 1:26.992 which was just shy of my PB. We had a grid walk before our race where we all line up on the grid and then the public are allowed out on track for half an hour to walk all around the cars and have a look 🙂

So the race…..I got a pretty decent start (can always be better!) and somehow up to 21st at the end of the first lap. I had a few close laps with Russell Akers in his Astra but he’s got brakes the size of my wheels I think, he was outbraking me everywhere and he’s a good second or two a lap quicker than me so the inevitable happened and he passed me. After a few dodgy gear changes, its my first dry race on my dry wheels and tyres so I’m really not used to the ratios, they managed to pull away a bit but I managed to catch back up to them as they were battling. Rob Ballard unfortunately put his Leon into the barrier at Tower and the safety car came out for a few laps. Russ made a mistake going into Quarry and I managed to get past him. A back marker then blocked him out braking me going into Tower. I then messed up Quarry a bit so he got a good drive past me and to be honest that’s where I stayed the rest of the race! I put in a new PB of 1:24.994 on lap 13 which I’m really happy with, especially as its my first dry race on these tyres with the new gearbox ratios. I need another second and a half off that to be competitive really but I’m sure I can make improvements in my driving first!

Had a really good day and some close racing for part of it. Thanks to my brother Jay for helping out and my Mum for driving like a loony to bring me my race boots 🙂 And thanks to all the Marshall’s who make our racing possible! See you on the 16th and 17th June 😀 Hopefully I’ll sort my misfire sooooon!!

Pics to follow!