Motors TV Race Day – 7th May 2012 – Race 1 Report

YouTube Video

As usual with a race that’s going out live on TV there was a big grid! 37 cars qualified and I managed to qualify 20th on the grid, 4th in class with a time of 1:41.952 which I was very happy with. It was raining for the whole of qualifying which seems to suit me!!

Before the first race the sun came out and a dry line started to form and then it started to rain so I decided that I would stick with my “wet tyres”. Got an ok start and going up into Quarry I couldn’t see a thing as you’ll see in my video. Cars were everywhere! I’d managed to make up 2 places in the first lap, Bill in his Ibiza managed to get past after I made a bit of a mistake a few laps later. My main goal really was to get past Steve Sutton in his 106 as he’s in the same class as me. On the 8th lap I managed to get past him around the outside of camp as he made a little mistake 🙂 This put me up into 3rd in class and 17th overall. I got some good traction around the outside of Tower past Bill but braked farrr to late and understeered a lot. Bill squeezed past the inside of Carl Loader in his Saxo going round Quarry, pushing him wide which allowed me to slide through after him as well. I knew I had good traction around the outside of Tower so decided I should go for it again and managed to pull it off this time 🙂 and there was the chequered flag!! (although some people didn’t realise *cough* Bill lol). Anyway a great race for me and my best ever result and a little trophy, 3rd in class and 15th overall 😀

Race 2 report to follow….