2nd October Race Day Report

The last race day of the season sprung up quickly. We arrived in the morning and I signed on and then took the car straight down to scrutineering where one of the scruinteers pulled on my electrical cut off switch and well couldn’t pull it. So we were sent away and told to fix it, panic mode set in and I had a quick look around a few other cars to see there setups and then asked Rich Marsh how he did his and his had also happened to fail scrutineering on a similar reason!! Rich found an electrical socket (the metal bracket that sits in the wall) in his van and kindly donated it to my race car, thanks Rich!!! Anyway we got it in and screwed it to the dash, sprayed nearly a whole can of WD40 down into the pull cord and it worked a treat. Returned to scrutineering to be told I needed to make it more secure by putting a bolt through it, ok fair enough I was in a rush and should have done it in the first place. So back we went, borrowed a drill from a college race team that run formula fords in exchange for a 9v battery and returned to scruineering and was then given the go!! Panic over!!

Before heading out we adjusted the tyre pressures and topped the oil up as it was getting a little low and then headed down to queue up for qualifying.

It was a little greasy out and I ended up sideways coming through Camp but held on to it, the car felt good however as I was heading up to Avon Rise the oil light came on and the engine made a few funny crunching noises so I pulled off towards the marshalls post on the inside of Quarry and the car cut out half way across the grass (to be honest I might have stalled it) started it again and drove towards them and shut it off. The marshalls thought they could see oil but I wasn’t so sure so they called for a flat bed but I was told I would ave to wait till after the next qualifying session as they were trying to catch up on time as there had been a previous delay. So on the flat bed it went, now I know how a driver feels when everyones watching as there cars loaded up onto the flatbed and being filmed as well lol!! Got back into the paddock and we checked the car over and couldn’t figure out what was wrong standing still so started the engine which is where every now and then we could hear the crunch. Sounds like big end bearings which isn’t that big an issue but not something we could fix then and there so that was it 🙁

I did a 1:28.922 in qualifying on my 2nd lap which put me in my “normal” position which I was quite happy with but unfortunately had to head home 🙁

Thanks to everyone for all there help and support this year and everyone thats helped out at the track. Would like to say thanks to South West In Car Tech and Infinity Exhausts for there sponsorship!