30th August Race Day Report

So I had another race today, started off with qualifying this morning at 11am, had a good session and managed to put it some good times the best being 1.28.000 which put me in 5th in class (7 total) and 26th overall (28 total) but with a 1.2 sec improvement on my personal best around Combe and VERY close to Jamie in his Alfa.

The start of the race was delayed due to a previous accident where a Aston Martin climbed the tyres out of Quarry and sat on top!

In the actual race I got a really good start and managed to get around Jamie and a few others but they had the straight line speed so most made it in front of me out of Quarry and out of the Esses but I managed to keep Jamie behind and we tussled a bit and with him behind me I put in my fastest lap on lap 3 and got a 1.27.2!!!!! Next lap I overcooked it a bit in the Esses and Jamie got the power out and took the inside line into Tower and had the inside line for Bobbies I followed him really closely for another lap and then came in to Bobbies too quickly and span, and knocked my wheel on the corner of the rumble strip (you’ll hear the bang in the vid) and then you’ll see in the vid me “testing” my steering coming out of quarry after the spin, there was something wrong for sure with the steering… For the rest of the race I seemed to struggle a little bit but still put in some decent times. After the race I got pulled in and got pulled over to be sound checked :s apparently I’d been hitting 98db on track (100db limit) but I’m well under for the normal sound check (88db, max of 105db lol). Driving around the paddock the steering felt quite “sloppy” and then when I pulled into my gazebo and got out found that I’d taken a chunk out of my drivers side wheel, so I’m guessing I’ve knocked the tracking out or broken something as well.

Anyway overall I had a really good day and very happy with the Lupo even though I may have battered it a lil bit 🙂

In Car Videos
Part 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUbbja4VItY
Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bUjjLB4Orw

Lap Times

1 – 1:42.390
2 – 1:27.355
3 – 1:27.283
4 – 1:29.629
5 – 1:42.123
6 – 1:30.561
7 – 1:28.864
8 – 1:29.400
9 – 1:29.923
10 – 1:28.576
11 – 1:28.724

Photo courtesy of Chablonkski from http://www.castlecombecircuit.co.uk/forum/

#10 David Rose

31st July / 1st August 60th Anniversary Race

Had my 2nd and 3rd races this weekend just gone, towed the car down to Castle Combe on Friday night with some help from Mark at South West in Car Tech! Dropped the car off and setup the gazebo over it and headed back home. Got to Combe for 9am on Saturday morning and before I knew it we were out qualifying. The car felt a LOT better than the first meeting, I think 2nd and 4th gear helped a little 😛 I immediately did a 1:34.895 and it creeped down as I went on and ended up qualifying 33rd out of 34 with 1:31.199, which I was over the moon with as I didn’t expect to gain that much time.

1st Race – I got a decent start and managed to get in front of Pete Weston in his MG ZR and he pushed me a bit for the first few laps but then had issues with his power steering so I had a lot of room to myself for most of the race. I’ll get my in car footage up tonight but it was quite a straight forward race, I managed to keep it on the track and improve my best time by another second and I finished 26th out of 28. Which was 6th in class so I got my very first championship point!!


1st race – 26/28 – 33 started

1 - 1:44.705
2 - 1:31.924
3 - 1:31.230
4 - 1:31.031
5 - 1:30.693
6 - 1:31.603
7 - 1:32.122
8 - 1:30.394
9 - 1:32.169
10 - 1:32.022
11 - 1:31.949

2nd Race – Well this race had a bit more happening :s You’ll see from my in car camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUyZHH4ga5M that there was mayhem off the start, Geraldine Duff turned over after hitting the back of Ricks Civic (watch the whole video for the rear camera and to see how close Russell came to hitting me!) and then in front of me as I went up to the rise cars went everywhere. Thankfully everyones ok although I think a few are feeling a bit stiff but I wish them a speedy recovery and to see them soon hopefully!!

Anyway after the restart I had a nice gap in front of me and an Jamie in his Alfa to the right, I got a good start and managed to get past Jamie and around the outside of him at Quarry but his Alfa 156 has a little more power in a straight line so he had the straight line speed and to my surprise I saw a Fiesta ST behind me, I managed to keep Kelly behind me but after the 3rd lap it was obvious she had the straight line speed and there was nothing I could do. I did manage to pass Kelly again on lap 8 as she went wide to let others through as we were being lapped but I just couldn’t keep her behind me. So overall I finished 23rd out of 25 which was 5th in class so 2 more championship points!! I also managed to set another personal best time of 1:29.384 which I’m really happy with!!

2nd race – 23/25 – 32 started

1 - 1:44.583
2 - 1:30.785
3 - 1:30.153
4 - 1:30.113
5 - 1:29.384
6 - 1:30.774
7 - 1:30.446
8 - 1:31.714