Engine fitted and other bits

A few pictures from Saturday, firstly we got the engine in and but the bumper back on, filled the fluids up, fitted the rear ARB and a few other bits and pieces.



Engine rebuild

The head gasket was gone so had the head off, head skimmed, all new gaskets and a bit of a cleanup. I’m not doing any engine work to start off with as I dont have either the time or money at the moment however by the end of this season there will be a few more things done!

I didn’t get any pics of it all back together but we didn’t finish till about 9 and I just wanted to get home lol. But the heads back on, cam belt all on and ready to go back into the car on the weekend.



Got the Lupo back

I picked the car up on Saturday, after being told the day before that it wouldn’t actually be sprayed (interior or exterior) so I was a little pee’d off but never mind its done and we need to get on with the build! So I’ll just end up painting the cage myself just to protect it.

When we got home we just basically washed the car and tidied a few things up ready for the next day.






Gauges and License

A few more presents arrived today, along with my msa license 😀

I also went up to get the seat positioned correctly and the cage is finished 😀 not long till I get it back now!


Roll Cage Update

Just been up to the place thats fitting my roll cage to get my seat fitted and thought I’d take a few pics, cage should be finished tomorrow and then its just got to be sprayed!

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, the camera on my phone isnt great!