Got a car!!

Ok well after much searching I decided on a VW Lupo and I found one up in Northwich, Chesire.

So I hired a trailer, thanks to A Class Motorhomes in Swindon who have some impressive bits of kit down there….and with a bit of help towing it (don’t ask lol) we got it back to Bristol!! Only a 10 hour round trip….

So more about the car its a 2000 VW Lupo Sport 1.4 16v with a few additions, namely: Raceland Manifold, Decat, Powertech Induction Kit , GTI leads, Gearbox from an S , Weitec HiCon GT Coilovers.

Work on it shall start very shortly and I think the first thing on the list to get done is to strip it down and then onto the roll cage.