I am new to this forum, I have owned since April 2015 one of the first Seat Leon X- Perience 2.0 TDI cars into the UK, love the car, does all I want, BUT, on a long journey, say after 3 hours of motorway travel across France will switch into Limp Mode and the glow plug warning light come on with associated loss of power.
The problem is solved by stopping, removing the key and restarting!
My local Seat dealer having had the car for four days have returned the car to me ( I brought an extended warranty) and said as the car's memory has not stored the fault, they cannot help!
I'm told the engine is not one of the recall/emission issue engines.
I find it hard to accept I have to live with a car which will completely randomly suffer loss of power and potentially put me in a dangerous situation if I am overtaking at the time.
I cannot imagine I am an owner of a 'one off problem' and hope one of you can comment/ help?