1) VAGOwners.co.uk can't take any responsibility for the adverts placed.

2) Buyer Beware. Always ascertain a level of confidence with the advertiser before parting with your money. The last thing that we want is for someone to get ripped off.

3) You will only be allowed to post in the for sale section after 15 days of being a member and having at least 15 posts.

4) NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTS – Please don't use our website to advertise your business. Our sponsors and approved companies are the only exceptions.

If you would like to offer our members a product(s) or advertise on the fourm then please contact us here: http://www.vagowners.co.uk/forums/sendmessage.php

5) Illegal items such as pirate/copied music and/or software is not permitted.

What to include in your advert

There are some basic rules that we enforce:

1) You must have a clear title

2) You must include a price, open to offers is not sufficient

3) Location - where the item is located. e.g. Bristol, Bath, Newcastle

4) Ideally a contact phone number or email address would be in the advert however members contacting you by PM is fine.