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Thread: VW Golf Mk5 - Ipod Connectivity

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    Unhappy VW Golf Mk5 - Ipod Connectivity


    I was just wondering what the easiest way to get an Ipod to play music through the standard Golf GT TDi Head unit for as lower cost as possible?

    Controlling the ipod through the head unit isn't a must, but would rather not use FM modulators (wired or wireless).


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    I assume it'll be the same as the A3, in which case you can get an OEM cable that plugs into the CD changer socket. The cable is pretty cheap on it's own, about 75 maybe? It's not a brilliant interface, as it relies on you setting up playlists on your iPod, but better than nothing. I know there are plenty of others on the market though, but I think all the other will give you no control through the head unit at all. I've always like the look of the Harman Kardon unit: .
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    ive fitted the harmankardon kits in the past yes they are a wired version of using an FM frequency but if set up right they do work very well i would defintaly give this ago before looking into some more expensive options... i think when i left halfords last year they were selling for about 50 worth a check bridgwater doesnt sell many so if you can get someone to check stock in bridgwater halfords there probily one that i tucked away on the corner of the cages.......older model but does the same thing. just dont get the new halfords bridgwater fitter to fit it...

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    to be fair, i've used a wired FM transmitter for 3 years and its fantastic (and a lot cheaper!) i bought a Dension IceLink for my old Leon but like Alan said it means having lots of playlists already set up because it lives in the glovebox... with a wired/wireless FM you can have it in a cradle on the dash and select what you want.

    plus you can then tune all the cars on the VAGowners stand into it and have 8 or 9 cars all playing the same song lol (Volksfest 2006 & 2007 )

    just my opinion

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    Hi There,

    Your best option is to go to the website link below, they do a range of iPod Interfaces for the VAG Range


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    I got an adaptor and cable from Bath VW was 150 fitted from what I remember, like mentioned, had to set up a playlist, but is good quality!

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