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  1. Happy birthday mate
  2. cheers paul change of plan see ive gotta free pass so will see you at little chef now
    catch you tomorrow
  3. hi paul just popped out to the powder coaters it looks like they both want 45 -55 per wheel depending on condition lead time about a week
    see you saturday cheers chris
  4. Hiya Chris, hows it going? All's good thanks mate.
    House is coming along great, flooring was all layed yesterday and looks great. Got a new sofa and bed being delivered in the next couple of weeks.
    Next thing to sort out is the blinds, got one quote but seems abit expensive.
    Amanda moves down on the 12th Dec, we'll both see you soon at the xmas meal.
    Cheers Paul
  5. hi mate hows things going
    wont be up bowplex this month gotta work
    hows the house going ??
    see you xmas meal chris
  6. Cheers chris, thanks for letting me know. see you next week
  7. hi paul just booked ticket for gti inters
  8. Cheers Chris, Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years to I'm in scotland boxing day until the 3rd Jan with Amanda See you in 2010. Cheers Paul
  9. hi paul merry christmas and a happy new year wont probably be on site till new year now
    hope you have a good one cheers chris
  10. will try and pop up sunday to say hi
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