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  1. Hiya mate hows it going? as a SEAT man myself, i like the ibizas. Depends what your looking for from your first car really, if you plan to modify, the polo would be the best bet as more parts are available.
  2. Allright bud, what you think the seat ibiza's? Its either one of them slammed or a mk4 polo slammed for my first car. Wondering if seat ibiza's are better for a first car

  3. What you reckon to the update? Looks pretty decent don't it!
  4. Hiya mate, i have never had coilovers, so you might be better asking the question on the forum.

    I have lowering springs on my Cordy.

    180 is cheap and a very good price for coilovers, however, generally with coilovers you get what you pay for.

    We have quite a few mk4 owners on the forum, they will know if the jamex kit is good or not.

    Cheers Paul
  5. Hey matey. I found some coilovers for a mk4 golf 1.9tdi for 180 buy now on ebay. What do you reckon they would be like for 180?

    Im just curious bud
  6. I don't think there is a limit as such mate, the forum will automatically resize large pictures, and if they are to big they just won;t work. We like members to have signatures that are not to big so they don;t waste page space and if they are to big we will usually ask the member to change or reduce the signature
  7. Hey bud, whats the maximum size for a signature?
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