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  1. Hmm not sure then mate, I booked a 14 space stand, and they advised me I could add one more car. That was a couple of weeks ok now when I messaged you.

    I am not aware of anyone else joining us, so I don't know where they are getting 16 from.

    Suggest buying your ticket at the gate then (camp corner entrance) and tell them at the gate, your with Can't guarantee they will let you into the display area, but worth a shot.

    Cheers Paul
  2. I just spoke to them and they said your only allowed 16 spaces so wouldn't be anymore room available and can only get tickets on the gate now
  3. Hiya mate, no ones dropped out, so the only way to join us now would be to pre-purchase a display pass from castle combe. You may struggle as I think the deadline is either today or was yesterday.
    If you do manage to purchase a pass, or just manage to blag your way into the show area. Our clubstand is M20 and located near Camp corner, you would need to access combe via the camp corner entrance to get to our stand.
    Cheers Paul
  4. I only just seen the message you sent me about Saturday I've been trying to phone them but no one there at the mo
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