Round 8 Race Report 22nd July

We had a warm up session in the morning which was good to do after the previous days off road outings, just to make sure everything was holding up.

Went to start the race and realised my camera wasn’t working. Must’ve accidentally pressed the power button in the bag and drained the battery 🙁 I was starting from the back as the 2nd race is the previous races finishing order so 26th on the grid (I wasn’t the first to drop out lol) and 7th in class. I immediately took about 7 cars off the line and was up about 12 positions after Quarry and dropped a few before the lap was out, so crossed the line in 16th and 3rd in Class. I was closing in on the battle ahead with Russell Akers in his Astra (in my class) and Paul Ashton and after getting my head down to catch up I put in a new PB of 1:22.788 and caught right up to Russell. We were being lapped at the time and he ran a little wide at Quarry and I managed to get down the inside of him (2nd!!) and put a little gap between us however a back marker then held me up going into the Esses so he was right back on my bumper 🙁 I made a few mistakes as I was too busy watching Russell behind me as he’s much better under braking and a lap later after a mistake at the Esses he managed to pull alongside me going into Tower and outdid me on the brakes. I was gaining on him in most places but under braking I just couldn’t pull it off, going into Camp in the last corner I went to the inside and Russell moved over to defend so I went back to the outside but we were both where we didn’t really want to be and Russell ran a little wide out of camp but managed to keep the position and I finished 0.4 secs behind him!

It was a great race for me, especially with a new PB into the 1:22’s and tussling with Russell. All clean racing as well which makes for a good day for all!!